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E67. "Exodus" - What makes a “religious” holiday?

E67. "Exodus" - What makes a “religious” holiday?

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STORY SUMMARY: What makes a “religious” holiday? Does the combination of ritual, culture, and family custom all merge together to create “religion?” Does it even matter if the historical basis for religious stories are false? In this work of philosophical short story fiction, the spaceship computer AI wakes up a family in deep space hibernation to give them time to prepare for, and celebrate, Passover. There are many situations unique to being in space that must be overcome; determining the right time period when taking into consideration time dilation, not to mention missing ingredients for traditional foods. Also, they are short two people of the requisite ten and ask the computer AI to “convert” and serve the role of two additional Jewish people. Awkwardly, the computer reminds them that some of their traditional stories are not supported by archeological evidence. This all begs important questions about the complicated weaving of history, faith, culture, and family custom in religious ceremony.

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