After Dinner Conversation - Philosophy | Ethics Short Story
Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Discussions
E66. "Rose-tinted Glasses" - Can you stop yourself from "growing up?"

E66. "Rose-tinted Glasses" - Can you stop yourself from "growing up?"

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STORY SUMMARY: What do we lose when we leave childhood and become adults? Is this a good thing? Can we, at least for a moment, turn back time and see the world again as a child? In this work of philosophical short story fiction, Becca and Adam are members of the Fairytale Fellowship, a group of children who can still see the magic in the world and protect the world from wrong-doing magical creatures. Becca and Adam find special glasses that allow anyone, even adults, to see the invisible magical creatures around them. They rush to get the glasses to the Fellowship, but are stopped by a Faun who steals the glasses and forces them to play a game to win the glasses back. They win the game, but valuable time has passed. Becca and Adam have aged out and experienced “The Shift” all children experience into adulthood that makes them unable to see magical things. Their worst fear has happened, they have grown up.

DISCUSSION: Another really strong story, this one about growing up and what it means to grow up. That’s the main question for discussion, what does it mean to grow up? What does it mean to play, and when is the last time you can remember being able to play in a child-like way? And what is the difference with that, and playing as an adult? Is it “intent?” If you really waned to could you even play without intent again? We went round and round on this one, and never really had great answers. Perhaps, after listening to the discussion, you will have developed some answers of your own.

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After Dinner Conversation - Philosophy | Ethics Short Story
Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Discussions
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