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E31. "Idle Horns" - What do you do when it's punishment to punish?

E31. "Idle Horns" - What do you do when it's punishment to punish?

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STORY SUMMARY: Set in hell, a demon, “Bub” asks the person he is torturing for eternity what he did to end up in hell. Turns out he stole a few bikes. This causes Bub to question his purpose and walk off the job. He climbs to limbo to take a break from it all. Eventually, Hermes comes to fetch him and bring him before Satan, who punishes him for eternity for walking off the job.

DISCUSSION: Wonderful story, both for the questions it asks, and the humor it brings to the situation. Brings up good questions about the “fairness” of eternal punishment for any temporary act. Also, brings up the question of a god who would is all good, all powerful, and all knowing, and yet allows people to be tortured. Nice twist on the concept in that Satan is hurting people, not because he cares about people, but because he knows it hurts God to see his children being hurt. Kolby wonders if walking off the job because of concerns about the morality of his actions should be enough to earn Bub a place in heaven.

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