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E27. "Two-Percenters" - Should we make everyone special?

E27. "Two-Percenters" - Should we make everyone special?

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STORY SUMMARY: Set in the future, 2% of the population have a genetic makeup that allows them to be enhanced. The intelligent are very intelligent, the beautiful, like Greek gods. Because of their enhanced abilities, they run the world. An enhanced “Social” meets up with an enhanced “Rational” to tell him about a newly discovered drug that would allow the other 98% of the world to be able to be enhanced as well, but it would cause the 2% to regress to average, or worse. The Rational takes the vial and releases it into the world. The Social kills herself.

DISCUSSION: If things in this world are so amazing, why are the 98% causing civil unrest? Should the elite naturally be left to lead others? Does being super-human automatically make you super moral? Should the truly exception should lead the masses? if everyone is raised up, we are right back where we were, with people fighting to be on top and not enough to go around. Do we live in a meritocracy today? Doesn’t money allow those at the top to keep their children at the top today? The only ones with no choice are the 2% after the virus is released. Discussion about if we would release the virus.

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