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E23. "Prevention" - Would you turn on your son, to save his school?

E23. "Prevention" - Would you turn on your son, to save his school?

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STORY SUMMARY: A single mother and her son have coffee before school. His car is in the shop, so she drives him to high school. He calls his mom later to say he left his laptop in the car. She decides to go through his laptop, and finds out his son and two friends are planning on shooting up the school in just days. She searches his room, and finds guns and drugs. The mother is worried about how this will effect her college daughter, and herself, if the shooting happens. The next day she spikes her son’s morning coffee with drugs and waits for him to die in his room of an overdose. She calls the police and ambulance. She disposes of the guns and laptop on the outskirts of town. The police suspect nothing and her son’s death is deemed a suicide by drug overdose.

DISCUSSION: The mother is a psychopath, and her priorities are all wrong. Her first concern is her daughter, and she treats her son like a stranger. She is emotionless in killing her son. This also hints that the son’s issues might be genetic from the mother. This is wrong behavior. She didn’t have to call the police, she could have taken him to the father, or for treatment. There are still two remaining kids planning to shoot up the school, and she doesn’t even tell the school about them. This is a story as much about the mother’s issues as about a school shooting. However, school shootings are now just the world we live in as the “new normal.”

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