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E2. "My Fellow (Immortal) Americans" - Don't you have a right to immortality?

E2. "My Fellow (Immortal) Americans" - Don't you have a right to immortality?

STORY SUMMARY: Sometimes in the future, the President gives a speech to a group of wealthy donors. In this future, time is the only currency and, if you have enough of it, you can live forever. The focus of the President’s speech is about in opposition to the new labor laws that want to pay a higher minimum time wage. The President argues, it will encourage laziness, and is anti-capitalistic. That the hard working rich, deserve to live forever, and pass their accumulated years on to their children to do the same.

DISCUSSION: It’s an interesting concept, but not developed enough. For example, when someone does die, how do you decide who gets to have a the next kid in the world. It is a good story in that is brings up questions of economic inequality in a way that makes it more offensive. Also brings up an interesting question of if people did have to work only a little, to get paid a lot of time, would people become lazy? Are people inherently lazy?

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