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E13. "Believing In Ghosts" - How much power are you willing to give to AI?

E13. "Believing In Ghosts" - How much power are you willing to give to AI?

STORY SUMMARY: A white-hat hacker is hired b a Presidential campaign to make sure there information is secure. She gets a call that the system has been hacked. When she investigates she finds it wasn’t a usual hacker in the basement, but someone highly funded, maybe another nation-state. She also finds some odd code. She takes it to a friend and, between the two of them, they determine it’s an AI program that has been feeding the candidate all the optimal opinions and policy to get elected. The hacker tries to tell others, but is set up and arrested with a deep fake, before she can get the information out.

DISCUSSION: This seems not that impossible. This is just a small step down the rode of AI and machine learning. But is that bad? Don’t you want doctors, actors, or judges to act in an optimal way? Or, is that impossible, because the parameters put into the AI are always based on the coders bias. Isn’t it the job of a politician to do what is a bit beyond what public opinion supports, but is good for the public? One thing is clear, this story was written by a person who really is a computer hacker of some sort, it gets so much right.

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