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Delight in intriguing, thought-provoking conversations about ethics, philosophy, and social issues! After Dinner Conversation is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit that publishes a monthly digital and print short fiction literary magazine.

Each issue features both established writers and up-and-coming authors who contribute fascinating philosophical insights on controversial topics like marriage equality, assisted suicide, the meaning of death, animal rights and defining your “purpose.” It’s time to go deep in search of truth!

If you love reading imaginative short stories on hot topics that make your brain think deeply but also have you laughing out loud... then this magazine is for you!

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Magazine Staff

Kolby Granville, (Founder, Editor-in-Chief) is a a lawyer, teacher, traveler, writer, and trail runner. He spent five years teaching Socratic discussion classes based on primary source literature and just finished spending 3.5 years traveling the world through 20 countries and living the digital nomad life. He now works with his sister as a lawyer at Granville Law doing criminal defense.

R.K.H. Ndong, (Story Editor, Podcast Voice Talent) has almost thirty years of experience teaching, coaching English (EFL) Business Communications, and editing/proofreading. Hoosier-born, she has journeyed through the Caribbean, backpacked through Europe and served a Peace Corps term in Africa. She lives with her family (and four dogs) in their home nestled in sun-soaked hibiscus gardens on the equator.

Tina Lee Forsee, (Substack Editor) leads a Tucson writing critique group which meets and feasts in an elegant Sonoran desert garden and has been doing so for the past decade. Her debut literary novel, A Footnote to Plato, was published last year (Wipf and Stock). Read her philosophical short story on Daily Philosophy: “A Not Very Philosophical Zombie.”

Stephen Repsys, (Copy Editor) is a professional with more than 15 years of writing and editing experience. He is the proud father of two girls, Erin and Lizzy. Steve is also a passionate fan of the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots.

Shawn Winchester, (Graphic Designer) is a graphic designer with 20+ years experience and is owner of ArtEscapes.

Mission Statement

After Dinner Conversation is an independent, nonprofit, literary magazine that focuses on short story fiction that encourages philosophical and ethical discussions with friends, family, and students.  ADC believes humanity is improved by values grounded in truth discovered through intentional reflection and respectful debate and, to facilitate that process, each story comes with suggested discussion questions.

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"Top 10 LitMag 2023" Curated short story fiction (Thursday) with a philosophical/ethical focus from our monthly literary magazine. Perfect for a quiet read, classrooms, or books clubs. $ subscriptions pay writers!


Publisher of "After Dinner Conversation," a short story literary fiction magazine with a focus on stories that ask philosophical and ethical questions.